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UDP youth wing adviser resigns over ‘factional in-fights’

Apr 23, 2012, 3:02 PM

In a rather unprecedented move, the chairman of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP)’s Banjul committee, and advisor to the party’s youth wing, has tendered his resignation to the party executive, a letter seen yesterday by The Point has indicated.

Mr Ebraima M. Ndaw (Bollop), who is also an executive member of the UDP party, said in his resignation letter that the reasons for his move at this stage are numerous, citing his insecurity, factional infights and false attacks on each other.

Noting that his decision should be forwarded to the central committee and eventually to congress, Ndaw said his “insecurity as a party official due to lack of support from what I consider as a weak and unconcerned leadership management style, and factional-in-fights within the various ranks and organs of the party” were some of the reasons for his resignation.

He also cited what he referred to as “petty intrigues and false attacks on each other, most of which are mere inventions to destroy a perceived enemy within the ranks. The in-fights within the various organs have become so serious that things have got out of hand.”

According to him, since the purpose of the 17 years sacrifice he made for the progress and development of the party by using his time resources and even his energy has become meaningless, “I need not waste anymore of these against so many odds. I therefore resign without any regrets, without any ill-feeling or anger against anyone.”

He noted that his relationship with his former colleagues will remain the same, except where politics is concerned because “I am totally disillusioned with what I recently saw as party politics.

Such a situation, he added, will only increase hatred, disrespect and infighting within members who now target each other.“This is the present situation, and I for one cannot live with it,” Ndaw stated in his letter.

Meanwhile, the UDP leadership could not be reached for comment, at the time of going to press.