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Grab the opportunity

Sep 7, 2010, 11:39 AM

The Abundance Fund has announced their new call for proposals to support Girls Education in the Gambia. This is indeed a positive move and the initiative would complement our national efforts in the area of boosting education.

The good thing about the whole project is that it seeks to address the plight of the rural poor in selected localities in the Gambia, which is why the organization will be focusing exclusively on girls' education in the country, and also on local Gambian organizations and individuals.

Investing in girls' education is very important and any efforts aimed at this should be commended. We would also like to commend the trustees of the Abundance Fund for coming up with such an initiative. 

It is high time that other Gambian organizations both within and outside the country emulate the move taken by the Abundance Fund.

The new request for proposals has come at the right time, and it is the duty of all interested parties to try their chance to make this worthy cause a reality.

We, therefore, urge organisations assisting girls, especially those from poor families to make the best use of this opportunity by applying for funding.

We know very well that until now some girls find it difficult to remain in school due to so many factors including funding constraints.

However, with this kind of opportunity, we hope more would have the chance to progress far in their education, up to university level, in fact.

For instance, in the past it used to be a problem for parents in the rural areas to send their daughters to school. However, following major reforms in the Education sector, and the efforts of some NGOs working in this area, such as PEGEP, the trend has been changing for the better.

We note that Abundance Fund is also supporting many women in rural Gambia, which is also a way of supporting the achievement of food security in the country. We encourage the organization to focus more on those most in need.


"Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another"

The Observer, 1924