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The Redeemed Evangelical Mission celebrates Easter

Apr 29, 2011, 3:19 PM

As part of marking the Easter celebrations, The Redeemed Evangelical Mission The Gambia (TREM) last Friday joined the rest of the world to celebrate the important day of Easter.

The celebration, held at the K-Point Beach in Bakau, took the form of a get-together party. Food and drinks were served to the people mesmerised with anointing music.

Speaking to Entertainment at the programme, Dr Daniel Osagie, executive chief of Lamin Institute of Professional Studies (LIPS) who is a member of the Redeemed Evangelical Mission, thanked God for making the day possible.

Celebrating the day is very important for remembering the death of Jesus Chris, he says.

"This is the day that Jesus died and is a day that is known," he noted, adding that was an expression to humanity and mankind.

Director Osagie said further: "As a church we are gathered here to express that love to Christians and non-Christians by sharing and caring for one another."

He also shares this message with all and sundry: "My message to everyone is we should love one another; this is all life is about.

"Love is the greatest and this why in LIPS we offer scholarships to everyone irrespective of where you come from. My message is love."

Pastor Amba Kalu, in his remarks, said: "We are celebrating the day of Jesus Christ which the whole world witnessed. It is a thing of joy for every Christian in the world. We are here to celebrate what God has done for us."

Added Pastor Kalu:  "This is a hand of forgiveness. We are very much impressed by the turnout, particularly for all those who joined us here."

Bernard Ugwuoke, a member of TREM, said: "This programme is related to the celebration of the day when Jesus was killed; we call it Good Friday. We are all happy that God loves us all."