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Plaintiff claims D350,000 against landlady

Apr 29, 2011, 3:16 PM | Article By: Yusuf Ceesay

Reija Ninamarika Saarinen, a plaintiff, has filed a civil suit against one Martha Gomez, a landlady, before Magistrate Tabally of the Kanifing Magistrates' Court, claiming D350,000 and some cost.

In her evidence, the plaintiff revealed that she knew the defendant, adding that the defendant is renting a restaurant to one Kasa Mansally. "Kasa Mansally and I agreed that he would go to Sweden whilst I would stay to run the business," she revealed.

She further stated that she had not signed any contract with Kasa Mansally, noting that while he (Mansally) was in Sweden the business was still running.

"I brought a container of materials from Sweden to operate a restaurant," she asserted.

According to her, the defendant stole properties belonging to her.

The list of items and receipts of items were tendered and admitted as exhibits at the court.

She told the court that she was also claiming interest. 

Under cross-examination by counsel for the defendant, the plaintiff revealed that Tamtam was rented to Kasa Mansally.

She indicated that she was monitoring what the staff were doing at Tamtam.

Asked whether she gave any materials to the defendant, she replied in the negative, adding: "She took them without my permission."

When quizzed on, when she was taking the goods to Tamtam, whether the landlady was consulted to see the items, she responded in the negative.

She maintained that she did not seek the permission of the landlady when the goods were taken but was based on the arrangement with Kasa Mansally.

The landlady did not know what kind of goods were they, she testified, adding: "I was there with the staff when we were taking the goods to Tamtam."

She adduced that she had not had any kind of arrangement with Martha Gomez the defendant.

Quizzed further on whether she did owe Kasa Mansally some money, the plaintiff replied in the affirmative.

Hearing was adjourned till 11 May 2011.