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The Clash of the Titans!

Jul 21, 2008, 5:14 AM

It promises to be a clash of the titans. Except this time around the titans will not be clashing in their usual fields of expertise. The Point take on Foroyaa tomorrow in a friendly game of soccer in Fajara. Leaving their pens and computers behind, the staff of both newspapers will take to the field to battle it out for the honour of their respective publications all with the aim of strengthening the already cordial relationship which exists between them.

What a spectacle it will be to watch the teams rise to the challenge. Pride is all that is at stake in the game but it promises to exemplify the unifying nature of sport. While the teams are on the pitch, all other worries will be left on the sideline as they focus fully and battle tooth and nail to claim a victory. 

In reaction to this significant move made by the two institutions, the Managing Editor of The Point newspaper, Pap Saine, said,  "it is good for the two sister papers to play such a friendly match. This will foster our cordial relationship and I hope that other media houses will emulate us and come together to form a single family."

This idea is indeed a laudable one. Members of the media fraternity in The Gambia are a special group of people who need to cultivate the habit of supporting each other at every possible turn.

While the game is a friendly encounter and only pride is at stake, one should not expect anything less than a cracking encounter. The fighting spirit is clear in the comments of The Point's team Coach Augustine Kanjia. Both are eager for a victory and aiming for a very ambitious three-goal margin of victory.

At the end of the day of course it matters not who emerges victorious. The real winners will be those who took part and the relationship between members of The Gambia's media fraternity.

Let us hope that the game will be played in a spirit of fair play and that at the end of the day, the best team wins!

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