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Road safety is essential

Dec 3, 2010, 11:47 AM

The collaborative efforts of the Gambia Red Cross Society, Youth Commission, and National Youth Parliament, to enlighten the public on road safety issues, is a highly welcomed move.

It has been highlighted by the World Health Organization (WHO) that the large number of avoidable deaths in the globe is as a result of road traffic accidents.

This made it all the more necessary for the youth, the mentioned organizations and others, to do their part in creating the much-needed knowledge on road safety issues.

In order to make our roads safer for all it users, our drivers must observe traffic regulations, as well as the pedestrians and cyclists.

People should continue using seat belts, avoid overspeeding, and avoid drunk driving.

Life is so precious that everyone has to protect it’s unnecessary loss.

Perhaps the life you protect might be yours!

The police should continue to prosecute the traffic violators so as to reduce accidents on our roads.

People should also be well-tested before being issued driving licenses

There should be no clemency for drivers who cause accidents negligently.

Indeed, Mmost of the unnecessary accidents are sometimes due to over speeding, whilst others are due to drunkenness.

The plight of passengers should be the concern of drivers.

Meanwhile, we encourage the youth parliament and their partners to continue their advocacy for safer roads for all users in the country.