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Gambia's Dr. Janneh Launches Books in Bristol, UK

Aug 8, 2008, 9:24 AM

The works of an erudite Gambian scholar and academician, Dr. Sabarr S. Janneh, were recently showcased in the Southmead area of Bristol, United Kingdom.

Speaking to his audience, the fledgling author recounted his unsuccessful attempts at publishing his books in The Gambia and
Senegal. Notwithstanding the financial cost involved, Dr. Janneh has now succeeded in publishing three of his thirteen books 'Learning from the Life of the Prophet Muhammad', Mansa Tolo'(Coronation) and 'Saa-ba Mini-Yang baa'(Mighty Python) are the titles of the three books launched. The books are priced £14.99, £6.99 and £6.99 respectively on the advice of his publishers.

Commenting on the first title, Dr. Janneh said the book expels all expressions that Islam is a religion of violence. 'Islam has come to civilise human beings, to elevate human beings from the lower stratum of life to the highest position and standard', pointing out that humans are the viceroys of the Creator of everything - God. He went on to say that the religion of Islam condemns everything negative, destructive, dirty and harmful, noting that this is why the Qur'an, the message of Islam, teaches only peace and proper conduct.

Mansa Tolo(Coronation) has as its central theme the institution of democracy, which he said guarantees the right of all people to express their opinion while creating the atmosphere for them to be heard. The book touches on the need for the maintenance of the rule of law and harmonious living.

Saa-Ba Mini-Yang Ba(Mighty python) is a quintessential Mandingo folklore which explores the life of a beautiful girl who rejected all suitors in the search for a 'perfect man'. This brings to life the art of story telling.
Dr. Janneh attended informal Islamic/Arabic lessons in his native Gunjur before proceeding to Al-Azhar Institute/University where he graduated with an
LLB in Sharia and Law (general system) in 1981.

He studied Private and Public International law in the University of Berlin, Germany from 1982 to '85. Dr. Janneh's educational conquest finally took him to the
University of Amsterdam (UvA) where he obtained a (Docterandous, Ders) in 1989. The unrelenting Dr. Janneh completed a doctor of philosophy degree (Phd) in the Social Studies Department, University of Leiden, the Netherlands in 1993.

He has conducted private teaching in
Egypt, Germany, the Netherlands and The Gambia. Dr. Janneh is now engaged in research and writing. His books in the line up for publication include academic, religious and folklore. Being a new comer in the publication business, Dr. Janneh has financial troubles meeting the asking prices of the publishing firms for all his books. He appeals for help. Institutions/persons wishing to help can contact him at \t "_blank" sabarrv@yahoo.co.uk or Abdou Sarr Janneh on telephone (+44)07881983385