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Revelations in Bun & Co trial

Dec 3, 2010, 12:08 PM | Article By: Malamin Conteh

Sub-Inspector Saikouba Jammeh, a narcotics officer attached to the National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA) headquarters in Banjul, Wednesday made a shocking revelation in the criminal trial of Ibrahim Bun Sanneh, former NDEA Executive Director, and four others at the High Court in Banjul before Justice Amadi.

The accused persons, all of whom denied the allegations, are facing several charges including conspiracy to commit felony, stealing by person in public service, aiding and abetting, unlawfully possession of fire arm, unlawfully possession of live ammunitions, concealment and destroying of evidence, official corruption, abuse of office and committing economic crimes, obtaining money by false pretence, making document without authority and forgery.

Sub-Inspector Jammeh, who is the ninth prosecution witness (PW9), told a crowded courtroom that he knew all the accused persons, except the fourth accused person, Marie Sanneh.

He said that the 1st accused person, Bun Sanneh, was the Executive Director of the NDEA, the 2nd accused, Karamo Bojang was the Deputy Executive Director of the NDEA, the 3rd accused, Ousman Sanneh, was the Operational Commander of the NDEA and the 5th accused, Seedy Bojang, was the Officer Commanding Finance at the NDEA.

Jammeh adduced that, on 26 June 2008, he was at the NDEA headquarters in Banjul together with Abdoulie Touray, Ebrima S. Jawara and Ebrima Bah, a CID officer.

He said he was on duty when the 2nd accused, Karamo Bojang, gave him his car keys and asked him to open his car parked at the NDEA headquarters.

"I opened the door of the car, and the 2nd accused, Karamo Bojang, took two black nylon bags and one handbag, and he (the witness) decided to take the two black plastic bags from Karamo, and placed them on the floor of the vehicle where the driver sat," he disclosed.

"As I placed the two nylon bags, I saw the plates of cocaine fall on the floor of the vehicle. I wanted to help him, but he told me 'don't worry', and he finally left the headquarters for his home village in Sanyang."

The witness further revealed that he informed Ebrima S. Jawara, Abdoulie Touray and Ebrima Bah, the CID officer, that he saw commissioner Bojang, the 2nd accused, carrying cocaine.

He added that he also told them that if he had the telephone number of Denton Bridge Police Station, he would call the NIA officers there to intercept the 2nd accused, Karamo Bojang.

Sub-Inspector Jammeh further adduced that ten minutes later, the CID officer, Ebrima Bah left for his office because nobody was in his office.

Jammeh further testified that, two hours later, he heard a noise upstairs, and asked Abdoulie Touray whether he had closed the corridor door going upstairs, and Abdoulie replied in the affirmative.

"After two minutes, I saw the 3rd accused, Ousman Sanneh, Director of Operations, coming towards the charge office with a black nylon bag at around 6pm, and the 3rd accused told us that he was coming from home, and found the black nylon bag upstairs," he adduced.

"The 3rd accused told us that we were responsible, since we were on duty," Jammeh stated, adding that he then saw suspected cannabis in the black nylon bag.

He revealed that the 3rd accused then called the 1st accused, Bun Sanneh, on the phone informing him that they were the very people who wanted to implicate the 2nd accused, Karamo Bojang.

"I told the 3rd accused, Ousman Sanneh, that I saw the 2nd accused, Karamo Bojang, with cocaine," Jammeh told the court.

The 3rd accused, PW9 added, told the 1st accused that he caught them with cannabis, instead of the fact that we caught him with cannabis.

PW9 further stated that the 3rd accused told them to write a statement, and further told them the 1st accused had ordered for their detention.

"We were detained until the following morning without a charge," the narcotics officer told the court.

The witness alleged that while in the cell, Inspector Amadou Colley came and told him that he was directed by the 1st accused to come and take him to his office.

Testifying further, PW9 said, "As I entered the office of the 1st accused, I saw him sitting with the 2nd and 3rd accused persons," he testified.

"I was asked by the 2nd accused as to what happened, and when I started to explain, the 1st accused intercepted me and said no need for me to explain," he added.

The 1st accused later called Ebrima Bah, and asked Bah what I told him, and Bah in response told the 1st accused that I did not tell him anything.

He said one Essa Camara then told the 1st accused that I said I saw the 2nd accused carrying cocaine, and the 1st accused made an order for me to be taken back to the cell.

The case was adjourned till 6th & 7th December,2010.

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