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Prioritising education

Dec 23, 2010, 1:56 PM

We are pleased to learn that the government has increased the budgetary allocation to the Education sector for the fiscal year 2011 to nearly 20 percent of total expenditure.

This is, once more, a clear manifestation of the government’s commitment to making education a priority. We see this move as a step in the right direction.

Education, one can confidently stress, is the key to the development of any nation; as such, investing greatly in the sector will surely pay well in our drive to develop the nation.

This country, like any other developing nation, needs to produce the right intellectuals, who would lead us to economic emancipation.

The increased budgetary allocation will consolidate the achievements so far gained under basic and secondary education sub- sector.

This move, couple with donor support to our education sector, will enable the Education ministry to attain its vision and mission in the years to come.

Notwithstanding, the sector, considering its importance, needs more support for the attainment of quality and relevant education for all Gambians.

The challenge for the ministry is to devise ways and means of promoting quality. Standards have reportedly fallen, and all hands must be on deck, so as to avert the situation.

We urge the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education to study why most of the students are not doing well in English and Mathematics, in particular, despite all the motivation.

We also support the focus on Mathematics and Science, which the authorities are promoting, since the success of Gambian students in these two areas is crucial in achieving the objectives and goals set in our national Vision 2020.