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Deadly road accidents

Apr 12, 2013, 9:20 AM

We are very much concerned about the increase in the number of road accidents in the country and call for a concerted efforts to remedy the situation.

Just recently the country witnessed yet another serious road accident that have claimed the lives of people and injured others.

In fact, the truth is that hardly a week passes now, without hearing at least one or two serious road accidents.

Almost everyone have been affected by such accidents, at one time or the other, because a relative or friend is somehow connected to such accidents.

While there was a reduction in the number of road accidents sometime ago, recent developments indicate that there is a large increase in the number of accidents.

One could only say you don’t see or heard about it, but road accidents are common in today’s Gambia.

It is clear that unless urgent remedial measures are taken, the occurrence of these accidents and resulting casualties will always increase.

Among the factors usually listed for accidents are bad roads, over-speeding, old vehicles and a poor driving culture that have grown over the years.

We also believe that roads, whether good or bad, are a factor in accidents. Many of our roads bear no traffic signs to warn users of dangers posed by dangerous driving on the roads.

The lack of attitudinal change has also been attributed to another cause of road traffic accidents, as often many inexperienced drivers don’t correct their ways until they run a foul of the law.

We, therefore, recommend greater public education on motor traffic regulations.