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President Jammeh On Growing Family Weakness

Nov 30, 2009, 2:08 PM | Article By: Nfamara Jawneh

The Gambian leader, President Yahya Jammeh has expressed dismay with what he referred to as growing weakness of families in present day society.

President Jammeh made these remarks on GRTS during his annual traditional Tobaski message to the nation.

"I am seriously concerned with the growing weakness of families these days as an institution to help mould the character of men and women to be righteous in their deeds, caring for others around them and helpful to all," he said.

According to him, the traditional Gambian family used to be the beckon of hope to inculcate discipline, sacrifice and caring for the upkeep of children.

"What we are now witnessing is the gradual disintegration of families, a total degeneration of morals and all sorts of crimes, including heinous murder that were rear," Jammeh lamented.

In short, he said, families are becoming failed institutions, and thus urged people to rise up to the challenge to put to an end to this ugly and unacceptable trend in society.

He stressed the need for us to "maintain our co-local values despite leaving in a world where foreign cultures tends to pollute ours."

With this, he added, we will succeed in achieving our goals of nation-building with pride, respect and dignity.

The Gambian leader also expressed concern with the rise in the price of some essential commodities by some unscrupulous traders and businessmen who take advantage of the feast to profiteer at the expense of the consumers.

He called for a renew commitment to change attitudes and to be compassionate in remembering the poor and the needy as, he put it, Muslims have a duty to help each other in a more compassionate manner.