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KGH Sports to host Football Gambia UK Charity

Jan 18, 2013, 12:21 PM

KGH Sports football academy of Lamin Town are to host 50 Football Gambia UK Charity supporters who will start arriving in The Gambia today Friday 18 January 2013.

The academy KGH Sports was established five years back and is among the most sustainable and ever improving academy since inception by one time national league player, Yahya Manneh of formally Real DE Banjul and Steve Biko FC.

The first badge of people comprising twelve individuals are to arrive today and among them is Mr Ian Stapleton, founder of the charity, Mr Robert Munro (Scouse), a UEFA A licensed holder and a tutor of The English FA also taking on Gambian youth and divisional coaches on upgrading the standard of Gambian coaches for the past two years.

The other group of 38 people will arrive on 25 January 2013.

The group alongside their host, KGH Sports, will be doing some charity work and also capacity building training course for Gambian teachers and youth coaches at the Lamin Football Field.

Below are the schedules for the first week:

Sat 19/01/13

The group will be visiting Sitanunku and Cheesay in the North Bank where they will be going on site visit for their projects. The charity is renovating and upgrading the standard of the Sitanunku clinic and presently building a nursery school in Cheesay.

Monday 21 to Wednesday 23 Jan (9:00pm to 13:00pm daily)

The charity with the host KGH Sports will be running two courses simultaneously in Lamin, the first one is the child protection, safeguarding children and dealing with behaviour management to be offered to Nursery, upper basic, football academy coaches and people dealing with children at a very early age.

This course will be delivered by the Pro-Action group of Hertfordshire, the UK, headed by MS Nicole Williamson and Lizzy Duck.

The other three-day training course will be a barber’s workshop for six young boys who want to make hair cutting to earn a living in life at the Football Gambia head office in Lamin.

The course will be headed by Mr Moussa Rattab who is a professional hair cutter in the UK and also sole hair cutter for renowned professional players in the UK in the likes of Samuel Nasri (Man City), Marraun Charmakch (Arsenal), Ousama Asaidi (Liverpool), Abdal Tarabt (QPR), etc.

Wednesday 23 & Thursday 24 Jan (9:00am to 13:00pm)

A unisex football coaching course will be held at the Late Sanna Jatta Memorial Football field to be tutored by Mr Rob Munro, aka Scouse, Sam Mardle and also Yahya Manneh, who is almost an English FA level 2 coach.

According to Mr Yahya Manneh, the country director of the Charity and also double as the founder and coordinator of KGH sports, this is the third time Football Gambia is bringing supporters from the UK when it started in 2010 with 38 people, 2012 with 20 people and this year 2013 is the biggest that KGH Sports is looking forward to receiving, that is around; that is 50 supporters.

In 2010 it could be recalled that the charity brought in the world’s best free ball styler in the name of Billy Wingrove of England.

The host KGH Sports board members will play a 7 aside match with the UK team at the Late Sanna Jatta Memorial field before going back to the airport to receive the 38 remaining supporters on Friday 25 January 2013.