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Finland’s top musician in The Gambia, vows to promote tourism

Jan 18, 2013, 12:12 PM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

Finish musical sensation, Mr Tauski is currently in the country courtesy of The Gambia development company Africa (GDC-Africa).

The top star has vowed to promote the country’s tourism back in the Scandinavia and is expected to return on Friday, 18 January 2013.

According to him, his experience about The Gambia is that of a great feeling, depicting the hospitable nature of the citizenry, the peace and tranquility, beautiful attractions, and unique cultures and traditions.

He added that these are key ingredients that can be used to promote and sell the country in the Scandinavian markets, notably in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

The Finland musician said: “The Gambia is a beautiful and exotic country and to me this is a paradise of its kind; the people are real and hospitable and as such we will energize all our efforts to promote this great country back in the Scandinavia.

We will do this through organizing a host of activities and there is no doubt that with the fruitful collaboration of the Finish media and the aid of the worldwide web this goal is achievable.”

This is the first time the Finish top star has stormed the country and have said to have recorded his fifteenth album since he embraced the world of music.

His words: “Our next recordings will contain classical Ndaga tracks that can attract ordinances in both The Gambia and Senegal.”

Mr Paul Granholm, CEO of The Gambia development company-Africa, has elucidated that his company has great plans for the country that will go a long way in the overall development of the country’s tourism and music industry, noting that efforts are on course to attract top models, brandish and fashioners to The Gambia soon.

According to him, March will be a very busy month for his company and as such the company will host a television crew from Finland, adding that others will follow suit including renowned celebrities such as Ms Sini Tarkkinen, Ms Yasmine Janhonen, Angels and Diamonds, Gossipkktl among others.

We will be engaging in a host of activities geared towards marketing, advertising and promoting the smiling coast of Africa and currently over five thousand Finish tourists are coming into the country. Through our activities and engagements we are hoping to triple these figures with the aid of the internet, music and shows that will make the country known to millions of Scandinavians,” he noted.

Oko Drammeh, renowned Gambian music promoter who was also very instrumental in making the Finish icon coming into the country possible, said the future lies ahead for The Gambia’s tourism and music industry, especially with the coming of super stars in the country.

He added that efforts are on course to train Gambians in Finland that will afford the chance to grab the opportunities available from the Scandinavian markets.

He described the Finish musician as a top class and a celebrity back home who can make a great impact in both the music and tourism industry of the country, stressing that though there is a long way to go in both the tourism and music industry of the country the requisite training and the right chemistry displayed, the sky is the limit for the country.