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In narcotics officers murder trial, sister of deceased gives evidence

Jul 26, 2011, 12:44 PM | Article By: Sainey M.K. Marenah

The sister of the deceased person in the criminal trial involving two narcotics officers of the National Drug Enforcement Agency, (NDEA), testified yesterday at the Special Criminal Court in Banjul.

The NDEA officers were alleged to have beaten one Cherno Alieu Suwareh, leading to his death.

State prosecutors accused Eku Grant and Ebou Lowe of unlawfully causing the death of Cherno Alieu Suwareh by hitting him on the head and knocking his head against the wall, knowing that death would be the probable consequence of such acts.

In her evidence, Kaddijatou Suwareh told the court that she lives at Kanifing Estate, and works at Banjul Pharmacy as a cashier, adding that the deceased person was his younger brother.

She recalled that on 4th April 2011, she received a phone call from one Adama Cham and Fakebba, informing her that some NDEA officers where asking for her, saying his brother was hospitalized.

"After I was informed, I called one of my sisters to spread the information that Che (the deceased) was hospitalized. I then went to the hospital to ascertain the matter and, at the hospital hall, I found two NDEA officers and I introduced myself as the sister of the deceased," Ms Suwareh told the court.

She added that at the hospital, she found her brother lying unconscious.

"After two days, he was transferred to the intensive care unit for further medication, but his condition remained the same. The deceased was given medication following the prescription," she further adduced.

"The deceased was not responding to me despite talking to him while at his sick bed. His eyes were in a bad condition, which prompted us to call the attention of the medical personnel to check his eyes. They called the eye specialists who checked," Ms Suwareh further testified.

She said at the intensive care unit, the doctors confirmed that the deceased sustained injuries on his head, adding that she later left for home to prepare lunch.

"While at the market, I received a call from my husband that I should immediately return to the hospital as my brother’s condition was deteriorating. I saw my brother lying dead on his hospital bed," the prosecution witness told the court.

Cross-examination by defence lawyers continues today.