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Fatima SSS Press Club holds forum on ethical journalism

Jan 14, 2020, 12:55 PM | Article By: Jarra Cham

Press Club of Fatima Senior Secondary School in Bwiam, Foni Kansala district, Friday held a forum on ethical journalism and good practices, meant to give the young aspiring journalists the opportunity to know the ethical conducts in journalism.

The forum is said to be the first since the revival of the club in January 2015. Not only the club members participated in the forum, but members of other press clubs sister schools in the region also graced the occasion.

Kandeh, president of Gambia College press club, said journalists should do no harm and as such, should be ethical at all times, adding that an ethical journalist needs to be accurate, independent, accountable and objective.

“What we publish or broadcast maybe hurtful, but we should be aware of the impact of our words and images on the lives of others,” he said.

Mr Kandeh said part of ethical journalism is to always correct errors when they occur and the expression of regret must be sincere, saying a show of sign of professionalism and responsible journalism is the ability to hold ‘ourselves’ and others accountable.

Philip Bass, principal of the school said the event would be very beneficial to the members of the club as they aspire to belong to a ‘unique’ institution of journalism.

He said the club makes use of student reporters who research and write stories to be presented during assemblies or to be posted on boards often with the coordinating teachers as their editors. He said press clubs help to instill and build confidence and self- esteem in learners.

“The need for access to information through the establishment of a concrete press club in schools is such that man can hardly function or determine his cause of life without communication.”

He said the influential role of the media resides in its impulse to shoulder the cause of attitudinal change and building public perception towards societal affairs.

Mr Bass however urged the young aspiring journalists to study hard to be able to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

President of Young Journalists Association of The Gambia (YJAG), Kebba Jeffang urged journalists to always report on facts, which he believes minimize harm.