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GOOD MORNING MR. PRESIDENT: More precautions needed

Mar 23, 2020, 11:00 AM

Mr. President, it’s been a week since the country registered it first Covid-19 case and health authorities have reported that the patient was in a stable condition.

We thank God that since then none has been confirmed positive.

Mr. President, so far, over 300, 000 people worldwide have tested positive out of which over 13,000 have died.

It would be crucial if both religious, voluntary groups, CSO, politicians, media, institutions  and health authorities in the country collectively participate in raising awareness about the preventive measures we need to take, signs and symptoms of Covid-19, and its health implications in all the major local languages.

Mr. President, we urge your government to create good accommodation for people identified for quarantine purposes.

The Sanatorium situated after Mile 2 would be a good place for such purposes if the place is well refurbished and the dumpsite removed.

Since your government has allocated half a billion dalasis to strengthen the health sector which is a good move, all necessary equipment should be made available to make the work easier.

There should be incentives such as transportation facilities, communication devices, credit and fuel provided for the health workers. 

The welfare of healthcare givers at the borders should be improved by providing for them good accommodation, facilities, food, security and regular briefing to expose them to what they are expected to do. The business community should also be invited to participate in the crusade.

Mr. President, it will also be good if both The Gambia and Senegal work together to defeat Covid-19 in both countries. Both countries need each other and for now, it would be ideal for medical personnel and security officials from both countries to work together at the borders.

Now that the borders are closed, people can use other unknown and illegal routes to enter the country as Gambia is in the heart of Senegal. The security should be vigilant because Senegal has already registered 11 new cases on Sunday, making a total of 67 with five being been treated and a few fatalities.

Mr. President, we commend the health officials and the minister, institutions, politicians and voluntary organisations  for taking up the challenge to fight Covid-19 in The Gambia.

We also recognise the need of the public to adhere to the rules of the WHO in order to save the country from having other confirmed cases.

Mr. President, the police should be tasked to be patrolling the night clubs, bars, restaurants, and arrest all those who are not complying with the recent declarations.

Your government should also arrest the businessman and shop keepers who are increasing the prices of commodities in the country including even vegetables, hygienic materials, fish etc. right now, the business community (vendors and consumers) that your government is not doing enough to help in basic commodities amid the announcement of the first Covid-19 case in the country.

Finally, Mr. President, all religions in The Gambia should also adhere to your declaration and the rule of the WHO which is to avoid social and religious gatherings which will put everyone at risk.

Your government should come up with laws just in-case the public fails to adhere to the rules and refuse to exercise the precautionary measures such as social distancing and refusing to be quarantined.

Together we can fight coronavirus

 Good day!