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GDC maintains position of rejecting elections results

Apr 13, 2017, 10:59 AM | Article By: Madi S. Njie

Gambia Democratic Congress leader Mamma Kandeh on Monday convened press conference, saying his party is maintaining its position on rejecting the election results until clarifications are made by the IEC regarding the alleged irregularities.

“Until we apply what we need to apply as a party, and of course to respect and apply the rule of law, the GDC position is saying no to many constituencies where declarations were made, or where irregularities happened,” the GDC leader maintained.

He said they would continue to do their ground work to be able to come up with concrete evidence, because they don’t want to violate any law, as GDC is known for being a peaceful party and one that respects rule of law.

Mr Kandeh said he is having issues with President Barrow’s meet the peoples’ tour during the campaign period, which he noted had influenced the voting pattern of the electorate, to go in favour of those regarded as coalition candidates.

His said his party will scrutinize the results, adding: “We will make sure whatever we put on the table is concrete evidence.”

Barrow, who is not member of any political party, went round campaigning for political parties’ so-called Coalition candidates.