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Gambia Will be a Footballing Nation- Says Paul Put

Oct 17, 2008, 5:59 AM | Article By: Korka Jallow

"I always insist that this country has diamonds -Its only a matter of polishing them. This is not the end of the road", where the words of a self-satisfied Paul Put, shortly after the Gambia-Senegal game. The Gambia coach expressed he is hopeful that the appeal written to CAF will materialize, but noted that if it proves otherwise, he will still continue to encourage the football authorities to carry on his plans in maintaining the found team spirit and oneness of the team.

He revealed that it's also part of his plans to be capitalizing on the free FIFA calendar games to host international friendly matches in Europe, and continue his  search for new talents of players in Europe who he could possibly invite to come an play for there country. He maintained that The Gambia is no more a small country in terms of football.

In the opinion of Coach Paul Put, this team can be used in the ongoing Olympic qualifiers, noting that it is a very young team.

As believed by the experienced coach,  the team could be used to play the qualifiers adding that its also very important to make history in that arena after making history in all categories, 2012 for both the Olympics in London and African cup of nation.

Commenting on the last hope as all eyes are on the under 17 final game against Ghana, he said that he hopes to support the team's technical staff but was quick to add that that it depends on the FA and coaching staff of the under 17.

He finally thanked the President of the republic of the Gambia for showing his appreciation and readiness to support and maintain him as the head coach of the Gambia. "As a coach it is always a pride to be appreciated by everybody and the Head of State in particular. Also a big thanks goes to the president and 1st vice president of the GFA, and the entire team and the populace for there tireless support given to him and the team", he said.

In conclusion, he spoke of his readiness to go 200 per cent to make the Gambia a footballing nation.