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Gambia to host Alpha Male Boxing Tournament

Dec 21, 2015, 10:52 AM

The Gambia is expected to host the Alpha Male Boxing Tournament on 21 February 2016 with Alpha Males coming from Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Senegal and other countries to compete for the coveted title of Alpha Male as well as secure a lucrative long-term boxing contract.

Speaking at a press event held at Cristal Night Club, Seaview Plaza, last Friday, meant to showcase and present the Alpha Male project by the Alpha Male sports entertainment team from the UK, Michael Emad Bahsoon, president and CEO of Alpha Male, said they aim to widen and support boxing activities in West Africa and as such The Gambia being chosen as the first host is a good move for boxing in the country.

He said a call is being made on all Alpha male amateur boxers of West Africa to compete for West Africa’s largest boxing tournament to discover the next big star of the boxing world.

He said they currently have 300 eligible boxers and are looking for boxers between the ages of 18 and 35 years.

He said they are eying not only well-known boxers but also amateurs and beginners, saying they are specialised boxers who are deeply involved in other sporting activities.

In conclusion, he appealed to the public for their support.

Vice President Ted McEwan, who is also in charge of communication, said their objective is to develop boxing in West Africa, pointing out that registration for the forthcoming boxing tournament to be hosted in the Gambia is free.

He pointed out the benefits boxers would get from the competition, saying they include helping them secure a lucrative contract, develop their fighting skills, ensure young ones get into boxing academies, among others.

Participation eligibility will depend on competitor’s passports, he said, adding that the future of boxing is bright in Africa as there are a lot of talents.