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FIFA delegates expected in Banjul next week

Sep 6, 2012, 10:15 AM

A FIFA delegation is expected to visit Banjul next week, to hold talks with The Gambia Football Normalization Committee and other stakeholders, as part of plans to help The Gambia return to constitutional rule.

The normalization committee was set to normalize football in The Gambia within six months after the exit of the former Seedy Kinteh-led GFA executive.

The September 12, 2012 visit will mark the second since the normalization committee was set up months ago.

It is also after a constitutional controversy between the GFA Committee and Regional Football Committee on the validation of the FA constitution until the timely intervention of the Minister of Youth and Sports, Alieu K. Jammeh, who settled the differences.

This news was confirmed by The Gambia Football Association Normalization spokesman, Omar Sey.