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Demba’s 100-metre dream went down the drain

Sep 6, 2012, 10:11 AM | Article By: Fatoumatta Saho in London

Gambia’s T54 paralympian Demba Jarju’s100 meters wheelchair race went down the drain after he came out 7th position with timing of 18:87 seconds on Saturday 1 September.

Among his grouped competitors were Mexico, Sweden, Canada, Thailand, Finland, and Ghana among others.

Demba was the first Gambian paralympian to participate in the London 2012 Paralympics Games after his qualification in Tunisia two months back, where he won a bronze medal.

Speaking to sports attaché Fatou Saho in London, Demba said his wish was to make a record that would surprise everyone.

But looking at the wheelchair he had on the line up was quite different from what his opponents were having.

“Material wise, my country was lacking behind which contributed to my failure,” he said, adding: I pushed to the last strength I have and God knows I have tried my best.”

Despite the level of performance, Demba said that participating in the Paralympics Games alone was a big achievement for him and The Gambia.

Demba’s next race is the 800 metres. He promised to do his best in order to emerge victorious.