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‘Cause of death of Koro Ceesay was not known to anybody’

Dec 13, 2019, 3:06 PM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Counsel Abdoulie Sissoho, who is representing Yankuba Touray in the murder case at the High Court in Banjul, on 12 December, 2019, before Justice Ebrima Jaiteh, put it to the second prosecution witness, Ensa Mendy, that the cause of death of Koro Ceesay was not known to anybody in the country on 25 June, 1995, at 2.30 p.m. He answered that he did not know.

Still under cross-examination, Counsel Sissoho challenged the witness that he told the court that on 25 June, 1995, which was on a Sunday, he went to work. In response, he told the court that this was a long time and he could not remember the date, adding that he was on duty.

He was asked who was at work when he went with the accused, but said that he did not know. He further noted that he only knew the secretary general. It was also put to him that from the point of leaving the residence of the accused at Kololi to the office, he told the court that the deceased was killed at the residence of the accused. He answered that he heard it at the office but could not remember their names.

“How many people told you that?” he was asked. He replied that he could not remember. It was put to him that the reason why he could not remember was because the incident never happened, but he said it happened.

“It was at night and was dark when you saw the accused walking in the living room to the bedroom,” Counsel Sissoho challenged him.

“It was at night but there was light,” he told the court.

It was also put to him that in his report at the TRRC he never said under oath that the living room was wet and muddy. He responded that it was wet and muddy. He denied saying in the TRRC report that the verandah was wet and not inside the house.

“Did you attend the funeral of the deceased?” Counsel Sissoho enquired.

“No,” he answered.

Hearing continues today when the third prosecution witness will get into the witness box and tell the court all he knows about the matter.