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Scanaid Chairman Bids Farewell to Graduating Class

Jun 26, 2008, 6:08 AM | Article By: By Augustine Kanjia

The chairman Board of Governors of Scanaid Senior Secondary School recently addressed the graduating class of the school at their Brufut campus.

Andrew Gabriel Sylva, the new chairman of the Board of Governors of the school, welcomed guests including parents, and urged them to support their children. He said the occasion was a momentous one in the lives of the graduates.

He said for the graduating students the day marks the conclusion of one phase in life and the commencement of another. "To the graduating students I say, as you walk out of the gates of the premises for the last time as students of the school, you will be stepping into the next stage in life. The next stage in life can be admission to tertiary education or professional or vocational training, or moving into the wider world of work or employment, or serving your community in one capacity or the other. Some of you may proceed to raise and care for a new family," he said. He further urged them to go into the world with a relatively greater degree of independence, doing it with little or no guidance and with less support than they have been accustomed to as students.

"As you leave the school and progress through this transition, we are confident that you have been prepared to the greatest extent possible in a school environment, to face the challenges and vicissitudes of life in the relatively less sheltered stage of the wider world. Uphold the true values you have acquired from this institution of learning," he said.

Mr. Sylva said that self-discipline, commitment, patience, a firm sense of purpose, respect for the fundamental rights of everyone, respect for elders and those in authority, and tolerance for other people, their opinions, beliefs and their way of life, are personal qualities that they should strive to acquire.

He said the business slogan; "We lead and others follow!" should be continuous, constructive and consequential in nature. He then brought in his own experience as he moved into life especially at the SSHFC and his contribution to that institution and to society.

He said they need to maximize income to the school and control its expenditure without stifling operations. He pointed out the responsibility of the school's board, PTA and others, to the school to make it grow.