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Barrow welcomes expelled UDP NAMs

Nov 20, 2019, 1:45 PM | Article By: Yusupha Jobe

The President Adama Barrow on Monday 18 November 2019 welcomed National Assembly Members (NAMs) expelled from the United Democratic Party (UDP) at a meeting in Fass Njaga Choi Lower Nuimi District to his side.

They are Billy Tunkara, Saikou Marong, Alagie Jawara and Baba Galeh Jallow. They were at the meeting to show solidarity with the president. They shook hands with him and waved hands amid cheers and chants from the supporters calling a 5-Year slogan.

The 8 National Assembly members recently expelled from the UDP Party were accused of shifting allegiance to the president at the detriment of the UDP party.