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Attitude towards work

Jan 12, 2012, 1:13 PM

People’s attitude to work is our focus today.

Work ethic offers the opportunity to abide by a set of values based on hard work and diligence, which has to be manifested and practiced by all workers.
It is, no doubt, that when one knows and practices good and standard work ethic he or she would then fulfil his or her tasks on time.

It is often said that people who have the mind-set to complete a task, show dedication and commitment, are considered those with a great work ethic.

Every job requires ethics, which when applied helps the overall organisational gaols’ achievement.

Attitudes such as honesty, hard work, to be able to work with minimal supervision, reliability, and to possess a positive attitude are all attributes of good work ethics, which we are advocating for.

It is sad to say but most people’s attitude towards their work deserves much better be it within the service or private sector.

Every worker knows that early to go to work is a good work ethic, and to perform well effectively and efficiently at work as well are requirements of all kind of jobs.

We need to respect our work, and to take it with seriousness.

One’s attitude towards his or her work would, no doubt, show whether he or she is serious at work or not.

The worker and the employer have a natural agreement and, in most cases, a contract and both of them must deliver for their common good.