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Another elder etatesman has fallen

Dec 29, 2010, 12:02 PM

The Gambia has lost yet another elder statesman, an illustrious son of the soil.

Sir Alieu Sulayman Jack, as highlighted in our story on his demise, was a prominent Gambian politician and a well-known Banjul Muslim elder.

As a politician, he started in the pre-independence era and it was in recognition of his good work and leadership qualities that he was appointed Governor-General of the Gambia by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11th who also knighted him,

This was an honour Sir Alieu shared only with two other Gambians namely, the late Sir Farimang Singhateh and Sir Dawda Jawara.

This was to be followed by other honours bestowed on him after independence, when he was elected as the first Speaker of the House of Representatives in Banjul, and also appointed as a minister in the governments of the First Republic. 

Indeed, Sir Alieu was a man who in his lifetime also worked for the Almighty Allah, and was well recognised as a leading talibeh in the Gambia of the venerable leader of the Niassen sect, Alhaji Ibrahim Bai Niasse, and one of their leaders in this country.

It is evident, therefore, that Sir Alieu continues to live on, since his name is in the history books of this country.

As we mourn the passing away of one of our elder statesmen, we pray that the Almighty Allah will give us many more Gambian like Sir Alieu.

This was a man who served both his country and God.

May the Almighty reward him with His highest al-Jannah. Amen!