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Gambian Actress to create biggest music entertainment in West Africa

Mar 5, 2021, 1:54 PM

Ms. Rohey Camara, the Managing Director of Afri-Music Entertainment, is a Gambian actress, singer, filmmaker, and humanitarian. The recipient of numerous accolades, including the Best Supporting Female Actress of 2016 Award and the Best Actress of 2018. She has been named Nollywood's most-cited Gambian actress multiple times, as a distinguished Gambian actress known for her debut movie as the supporting character in ''The Mirror Boy (film)''.

She also acted in notable films with renowned Nigerian actors such as YulEdochie, John Dumelo, and OsitaIheme. Her films include Hidden Fantasy, Love Confusion, Twisted Mind, etc. Rohey started her career at the age of 13 as a very determined young lady, and later became one of the Gambians who made it to Nollyhood.

Right after her secondary education, she auditioned for a role in ''The Mirror Boy'' and subsequently acted in other movies such as Mebet, Soulmates, Fatou, The Pedro’s, Beyond Greed as the main character, Gift from Babylon, and she was the Executive Producer of the movie title Lec. She acted in Banjul My Love and Double Bomb.

In May 2020, she was listed as Nollyhood's most searched Gambian celebrity. Prior to her acting career, she has worked at Unique Fm as the Host of The Attaya Show. She had lot of opportunities and later worked for Pro Pac Company, before working at Digest Publication in the marketing department as a model – where she started her modeling career. She made her debut as film producer with Beyond Greed Movie Premiere held on the 10th of February, 2018. Rohey, also known as Rohey The Actress, is the founder of Linguere with her cousin, Yamou Mbye -who is also an award-winning actress and a producer. The aim of Linguere is to be hosting international actors and promoting excellence in the movie industry. It brings together renowned old folks of The Gambia’s movie industry, such as Ma-Gigain Secka, uncle Cherno Njie, aunty Betty Ngum, etc – Linguere gave these olding generation actors the modern lift to pursue their dreams and passions.

Off-screen, Rohey has become prominently involved in international charity projects, especially those involving women and children, the poor and the most disadvantaged. She often appears on many "most beautiful women" lists, and she has a personal life that is avidly covered by the tabloid press.


Afri-Music Entertainment is her latest project across Africa. She intends to be annually hosting the biggest music festival across the sub-region. The company is currently planning to host its first event in The Gambia and will be featuring renowned Gambian and non-Gambian artists, including the Jamaican singer, Pop Corn. Rohey's international acclaim increased even further when she played the supporting character in the Nollyhood film, The Hidden Fantasy.

Despite her leniency, shyness and kind heartedness, with her new-found prominence, Ms. Camara began to get in-depth attention from the press. Numerous aspects of her controversial personal life became news. She is unarguably very moderate and loves being herself. She is very down to earth and passionate about African development.

Rohey has stated that she plans to spend most of her time in humanitarian efforts. She wants to help poor women and children live a decent life. As far as acting and filmmaking s concern, Rohey Camara has had some pretty enviable tutelage in her career.

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