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Sukuta celebrates 3rd edition of community annual week

Dec 30, 2021, 12:45 PM | Article By: Makutu Manneh

Scores of celebrants last Saturday gathered to mark the 3rd edition of Sukuta Week 2021, an annual event that showcases the community’s rich cultural heritage at a colourful ceremony held in Sukuta.

Highlights of the event took the form of football competitions and other fascinating events, such as walk for health, health talk, children and youth congress and cultural night. The event took the form of a procession led by scout band from Junction-bar to Sukuta Traffic Light. This year’s event was held on the theme-‘children and youth in community and national development.’

At the opening ceremony, Buba Cham, chairman of Village Development Committee (VDC), said the mandate of the annual event is to enhance unity and togetherness among the people of Sukuta as well as to engage the community members on issues of importance to the community.

“The annual event also helps us to know what is happening within the community and what should be done to bring about meaningful changes so as to bring development closer to the community. The VDC has been engaging young people through dialogue so that they can be productive citizen in the future.”

He indicated that statistics have shown that young people comprise 60 % of the country’s population and that sounds alarming, which makes it all the more reason why the community engaged youth to play their rightful role in shaping a better future.

Ba Ismaila Cham, who spoke on behalf of the Alkalo of Sukuta, Kawsu Cham, advised the youth to be the agent of development, owing to the fact that they are the hope of the community.

He urged the community to put aside their political differences and work towards the development of the community.

Fatou Manneh-Jatta public relations officer (PRO) of the Village Development Committee, urged women to remain steadfast and nurture good values in their children.

“Children are the leaders of tomorrow and so we should ensure that our children are focused by teaching them good moral values and attitudes and to get a better education.”

She made reference to the old adage that ‘attitude is what determines a generation’, further calling on all to join hands to take care of the children to be good role model.