Gambia among 8 cheapest African countries for expatriates  

Mar 14, 2022, 1:55 PM | Article By: Alhagie Mbye, The Point's Europe Correspondent

Following a peaceful Presidential election as well as several other social and economic factors combined including the peace and stability of the country, The Gambia is among the eight cheapest African countries for expatriates in 2022.  

The country described as “relatively small in West Africa” is among the few nations selected by experts, specialists and journalists including the Business Insider as “cheap, friendly and diverse”.  

Expatriates are also reminded that The Gambia’s official language is English and that its currency called Dalasi is “protected” - thus amongst the eight cheapest nations for expatriates.  

Even though the nation’s economy is diverse including tourism and relies on the export of agricultural produce, the currency is “stable and firm”.  

Furthermore, it is revealed that expats are “warmly welcome to work” and can take other “offers as well as engage in different kinds of trade”.   

However, people are also reminded that they are expected to abide by the law at all times to avoid any difficulty.  

Specialists including Livingcost.org also revealed that the cost of living in the country is only around $500 US and that The Gambia is among the “uppermost friendly countries to live in the continent”.  

The country is described as “relatively safe” and therefore, expatriates are not expected to spend too much on personal security and other security related issues.  

Trying to gauge the circumstances leading to such conclusion, experts knowledgeable to the issue responded to The Point that “…as far as The Gambia situation is concerned…compare to others, rent is also cheap, food prices reasonable and the tax system fantastic.”  

Also, this correspondent was informed that the ranking is calculated “in consultation with many other well-informed experts taken into consideration the average price for food, transport, bills and even restaurants…The Gambia scored high points in that regard."

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