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Youth Forum: Global Hands launches entrepreneurship Dream Project for youth

Nov 25, 2014, 9:51 AM | Article By: Alieu Bobb

Global Hands Gambia Friday launched a Dream Programme out to build the minds of young people in entrepreneurship.

The programme brought together 15 young people from different schools in the Kanifing Municipality to work out solutions and be equipped with practical minds through inspiration.

Alieu Martin, Proprietor of of Martin's Signs and Graphics, commended the international body of Global Hands for giving him the responsibility of serving as mentor to young people in The Gambia.

He added that his doors are always open to the youth to help in addressing their concerns because young people being the future leaders need to be inspired so they could be better leaders of tomorrow.

According to Mr Martin, it is good to have competition in every business because it will help people to know the best among the lot and spur others to do better.

Business is all about knowing people, he said, adding that they started in 2010 and have been growing in the market.

Mr Martin also disclosed that they are into another industry called Martin Welding and Construction because they want to diversify into other ventures.

“You have to be very levelheaded, technically-minded, honest and trustworthy as well as be able to read and write,” he said.

“In life whatever you do you have to believe in it and you have to love it, because this is the only way you could make it to the top,” he said

A good citizen should always ask what: “Can I do for my country but not what can my country do for me?” he said, adding that every young man and woman has a responsibility to contribute to national development.

Jimmy Hendry Nzally, chairperson of Global Hands The Gambia, said youths in Africa are increasingly becoming desperate.

This has sparked huge interest in youth becoming nervous on the African continent, he said, adding that the lack of skills and skills development leading to the “Back way” syndrome is actually causing many youths to risk their lives every hour as the clock clicks.

According to him, Global Hands deemed it fitting to help address this issue, not only theoretical but it is time that rhetoric is matched with actions.

“We need to develop new breeds of responsible youthfolk,” he said.

The programme seeks to connect Gambia entrepreneurs in different fields to share their stories with young Gambians who wish to venture into creating businesses of their own, he stated.

The project is significant because it would expose the youth to different areas of entrepreneurship such as designing, architecture, contraction, companies, and other businesses.

Ida Jatta, vice chairperson of Global Hands, said the programme conducted under Global Hands The Gambia would help in earning young people entrepreneurship skills.

Mohammed Gassama, PRO of Global Hands, said looking at the concept of the project they are engaging young people in learning how to better develop themselves because they have realised that most young people have recently developed the idea that they could not make it in The Gambia.

They have engaged in undertaking fatal and unnecessary journeys, which caused Global Hands to come up with the concept of engaging them in entrepreneurship skills development and business establishment.

The focus of young people in this day and age should be education, health and environment, agriculture and entrepreneurship, he added.

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