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Youth Empowerment

Jun 11, 2012, 12:57 PM

The Gambia needs more productive, proactive and successful youths, who will lead the country towards attainment of her developmental aspirations.

However, in order for this to happen, our youths must be motivated, inspired and encouraged by all and sundry to become great achievers.

Investing in youths could be one important step forward, and equally so by empowering and supporting youth-led initiatives both at community and national levels.

While it is very fair to say that Gambian youths have some opportunities being put in place by the government for them, it is also essential to look at the life of an average young Gambian, who is growing up in a village somewhere in the Upper River Region, for instance.

The reality is that the support systems such as the family, community and government are all to be blamed for not effectively encouraging and giving all the necessary support to such youths.

Another problem that is discouraging many young people, especially young and upcoming entrepreneurs, is the tax system we have in this country.

The authorities know what we talking about, and they must revisit some of the tax laws, if we are to be more successful in empowering our youths.

Low level of promoting even the locally-produced goods of our young entrepreneurs is also a common feature in the country.

Such actions are not encouraging and not empowering our youths.

They need encouragement to explore opportunities within and outside of school, so as to learn and develop new skills and interests.

Our youths must be encouraged to acquire a commitment to learning.

They must be helped to develop an appreciation for academic success, and the long term value of learning to enhance their self-worth and talents.