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Promoting SMEs

Jul 19, 2013, 10:06 AM

The need to promote the development of micro, small and medium enterprise and entrepreneurship in the country is very essential for our economy.

SMEs all over the world create job opportunities; thus they make an important contribution to the economic development of any nation.

In fact, industrialization and developing a network of micro, small and medium enterprises is crucial for our country too.

SMEs could propel growth and poverty alleviation in the country as they often serve as a key driver for economic growth, innovation, employment and social integration.

We, therefore, applaud the efforts of the Ministry of Trade through its line department of GIEPA for promoting successful entrepreneurship and improve the business environment for SMEs, to allow them to grow well.

We must, however, emphasize again the need for the country to support and promote entrepreneurship as it drives many economies around the world.

We would like to commend the US Embassy in Banjul, American Chamber of Commerce and The Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency for organizing a mini-business course on entrepreneurship in the country.

The more we focus on building more successful entrepreneurs, the better for our economy and the country in general.

But in order to do this, we need to train more young and upcoming entrepreneurs in various aspects of entrepreneurship, and provide start up loans for small businesses.

We should not also stop at training, but to provide funds for the upcoming and young entrepreneurs to tap into to develop their businesses.

Since it is clear and made known to all that the government cannot create jobs for all Gambians, it would be prudent to support the private sector, as well as encourage entrepreneurship.

With that we are encouraging and training our youths not to only become employable, but to even become job creators.

Such interventions would reduce the burden of dependency in the country, and help build our fragile economy, thus reducing poverty.

We must help our young people with opportunities to actualize their business development dreams.