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Young Lions, Rankin United Relegated In Banjul Nawettan

Aug 26, 2009, 7:18 AM

Young Lions and Rankin Unitedhave now been confirmed relegated from the Banjul Nawetaan Proper.

Both sides finished at the bottom spot in group C and B, respectively.

Young Lions, a strong force in Banjul Nawettan has made very significant impact since gaining promotion into the Banjul Nawettan, despite hailing from Kanifing Estate.

Group B is headed by Digi Dambi at 12 points, while Green House is so far leading group C at 10 points.

As a strong measure to ensure the smooth running and completion of the first round matches of the 2009 Sports House League Competition, the committee has announced that players' substitution during the Ramadaan will be increased to 7 changes.

Also, player(s) with 1 or 2 Yellow Card(s) will be given an amnesty i.e. the card(s) will be wiped off during the 2nd Round, but those serving suspension will have to serve the necessary suspension.

Also, players who are registered and have not played in the 1st Round will have the opportunity to change teams, if they are deregisteredby their original team.

On the other hand, if they are still registered, they could not move to another team as it would mean double registration which is against the rules and regulations of committee.

So teams that intend to register new players during the transfer window should ensure that they confirm and verify that the player(s) they are registering are not registered by another team or zone.



WED: 26/8/09                ALL STARS VS GLOUCESTER UTD       GHS           4.30PM

THUR: 27/8/09               HAGAN UTD VS MAKANN-BI                 GHS           4.30PM

FRI: 28/8/09                  REVELATION VS MACDONALD UTD      GHS           4.30PM

                                    TESITO VS LATE EBOU JAMMEH         KG5           4.30PM      

SAT: 29/8/09                 DORTMUND VS SKUNKFICA                 KG5            4.30PM                                                      

                                    WARRIORS VS JAMESEN                    GHS           4.30PM

SUN; 30/8/09                 FIREHOUSE VS MARCUS                     GHS           4.30PM

                                    PLUMBI UTD VS GLOUCESTER UTD     KG5            4.30PM