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Yankuba hit Koro Ceesay with stick, Alagie Kanyi testifies

Feb 13, 2020, 1:39 PM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Alagie Kanyi, a former army officer, on 12 February, 2020, revealed before Justice Ebrima Jaiteh of the High Court in Banjul that he saw Yankuba Touray received a stick from Edward Singhateh and hit Koro Ceesay.

As the sixth prosecution witness in the murder case involving Yankuba Touray, Mr. Kanyi told the court that he lives at Jarra Sankuya, LRR. He testified that he is an immigration officer since 1 October, 1998, further stating that before becoming an immigration officer, he was an army officer.

He said he joined the army on 15 January, 1986, and left on 15 January, 1998. He was asked whether in 1995 he was in the military or immigration. In response, he noted that in 1995 he was in the army. He testified that he knew Edward Singhateh as AFPRC council member. He said that he also knew Peter Singhateh as a senior officer in the army, further stating that he knew Yankuba Touray in the army and as a member of AFPRC council. He adduced that he knew Koro Ceesay as a minister of Finance.

“Where is Koro Ceesay now?” he was asked by State Counsel A.M. Yusuf.

“He is dead,” he replied. He informed the court that Koro Ceesay died in 1995.

Still testifying, he stated that in the year 1995, one day, he was in his residence at Brikama and he was visited by one Corporal P.K. Jatta and Tumbul Tamba who told him that he was needed by Edward Singhateh. He told the court that P.K. Jatta drove them to Edward Singhateh’s residence. “Along the way, we picked Corporal Pa Alieu Ngum at Bartess, Serrekunda. We were four in the vehicle,” he revealed.

He adduced that they went to Edward Singhateh’s residence at Cape Point, Bakau. He said that upon arrival, they quickly dressed up with Peter Singhateh who drove them in his car to Yankuba Touray’s residence at Kerr Sering.

“Upon arrival, we met Yankuba Touray there. None of his family members was there. No guard was also there. When we entered inside the house, we were briefed by Edward Singhateh that we were going to get rid of Koro Ceesay, a minister,” he told the court.

He stated that Edward Singhateh told him that Koro Ceesay did not know him (Alagie Kanyi) and asked him to wait for them at the gate and that Yahya Jammeh was going to the airport. He narrated that upon their arrival from the airport, Edward Singhateh told him that he would see him.

He added that after their arrival from the airport, Peter Singhateh was the first person who came and met him at the gate and rushed to the house, followed by Edward Singhateh. “As Edward Singhateh passed me, he signalled me that that was the minister, Koro Ceesay, whom I saluted. I told him that he was welcomed. He then followed me,” he testified further.

He said that when Edward Singhateh and Peter Singhateh entered the house, just for some time, he heard a noise from the back which surprised him. “Then Edward Singhateh told me that Koro Ceesay was the guy,” he revealed.

He told the court that he turned and saw Peter Singhateh closing the gate and smashed Koro Ceesay. “Edward Singhateh also smashed Koro Ceesay with a stick he received from Peter Singhateh. I turned and saw P.K. Gomez, Tumbul Tamba and Pa Alieu Ngum hit Koro Ceesay. Edward Singhateh gave me a stick and I hit Koro Ceesay. Yankuba Touray collected a stick from Edward Singhateh and hit Koro Ceesay. All of us hit Koro Ceesay and this resulted to his death,” Mr. Kanyi   narrated.

He further testified that Koro’s face was bleeding, noting that Edward Singhateh picked the body from the floor and placed it in Koro’s car on the passenger’s seat in front. He informed the court that he and his colleagues went inside the house and all of them cleaned the blood and later P.K. Jatta drove them to their homes.

“When you and your colleagues cleaned the blood in the house, where were Yankuba, Peter and Edward?” he was asked. In response, he adduced that they heard the noise of a vehicle like somebody was putting the engine on. So at the time they came out, they did not know where Yankuba, Edward and Peter went.

He said that the following day, they heard the rumour that a minister’s car somersaulted around Jabang’s end and it got burnt. He added that Peter’s hand was burnt and it was covered by his uniform sleeve, and any time his uniform sleeve was drawn up, one would see the burnt hand. “The burnt hand was kept a secret by us. I got to Edward’s residence around 8 p.m. P.K. Jatta, Tumbul Tamba, Pa Alieu Gomez and I were present when Edward briefed us that they were going to get rid of Koro Ceesay in Yankuba’s house, but Yankuba was not present,” he noted.

He told the court that when they arrived at Yankuba’s residence, the accused was in the house. “How did you know that it was Koro’s car?” A.M. Yusuf questioned him.

“As I was standing at the gate, I saw them returning from the airport. Peter first entered and followed by Edward. Then Koro Ceesay arrived and I saw him alighting from his car. We were told by Edward that the car belonged to Koro Ceesay,” he replied.

“Where did the blood come from?” he was asked.

“It came from Koro’s body,” he answered.

Hearing continues today.