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Women Can Make A Difference

Nov 25, 2009, 1:07 PM

We are with firm conviction that when given equal chance and opportunity women can make a difference in peace process in the sub-region.

The capacity-building training for women in peace-building and conflict prevention, which is currently underway at the National Nutrition Agency, NANa Complex, is therefore a welcome initiative.

The power-imbalance and inequality between men and women that have long been existence needs to be halted.

Women should be given equal opportunity like their male counterparts in peace-keeping operations and negotiations to ensure sustainable and lasting peace in the sub-region.

We are of the view that the importance of equipping women with the necessary skills and knowledge to be effectively involved in peace-building and conflict resolution exercises cannot be over-emphasised.

Looking at the strategic location of The Gambia and the crucial role women play in promoting peace, we believe that women should be empowered to actively participate in peace-building operations.

"For us to have a sustainable peace and stability there is a dire need to involve women in conflict resolution and peace-building initiatives," said Action Aid's Communication Manager. This is absolutely right.

The leadership skills shown by Gambian women even at the family level led to the positive change of attitudes in society.

Women in the sub-region play a very important role in peace process in countries like Liberia, Dr. Congo, among others.

We urge the concerned authorities to consider putting more women in their peacekeeping contingents and peace operations as they can equally make a difference, if given the chance.