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Why Africans kill their fellow Africans?

Apr 29, 2015, 9:44 AM | Article By: Alieu Jobe

The unfortunate situation in South Africa, about the xenophobic attacks against fellow Africans residing and working in that country, is a very big shame.

We believe that Africans should be their brother’s keeper and not enemies to each other.

It is very unfortunate that South Africans can turn against their fellow brothers and sisters from other African countries, killing them in broad daylight, and then say they are doing it because people they called “outsiders” have come to take jobs from them.

What a ridiculous explanation and a disgrace. This is the same country that was fighting against white dominance, for which they were given support from other African countries, and now it is the same country that has turned against the same “foreigners” that gave them support during that difficult period.

South Africans have betrayed the whole continent for committing such a disgraceful atrocity against fellow Africans.

Why should Africans, who are called all sorts of names by some enemies of the continent, resort to this kind of wickedness to each other?

Africans should not see each other as “foreigners”, but instead as brothers and sisters fighting for the same cause, which we all are looking forward to and that is our liberation and development as a continent.

How many such South Africans are living abroad? If everything was fine in that country will they be searching for greener pastures elsewhere?

Should they not remember that they also have their fellow countrymen in another man’s land?

Those responsible for this atrocity should be brought to justice, and be punished for causing this bloodbath so that it will never happen again in this civilized era.

This is not the first time such a thing has happened. It also happened in 2008, when about 63 people lost their lives in that country, and the world cannot allow this to continue. It has to be put to a complete halt.

We would like to remind South Africans that the whole world is watching, and that xenophobia is not a solution to find jobs, but dedication and determination are the only solution.

So, let them stop attacking fellow Africans that have done nothing wrong to them.

We believe these “foreigners” are working hard to earn a decent living, and also contributing to the South African economy.