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Overcoming the food crisis

Jun 29, 2010, 11:33 AM

Solutions to the food crisis affecting Africans are within reach, and the situation does not require external assistance. Most African countries do face a real food security dilemma that makes them subjected to international pressure, and to monopoly of the essential needs of their populations.

Africans need to increase agricultural productivity in the region, and there is a lot of room for that.

For example, our country The Gambia is endowed with vast arable land for agriculture. We also have a youthful populace that has the capacity, as well as the potentials to till the land for food production.

Indeed, the population has the most crucial role in overcoming the food crisis. As citizens, we cannot be food self-sufficient no matter how much we produce, if we continue to depend on imported food.

The change in our eating habits is crucial in our drive to achieve food self-sufficiency as a nation.

We should, therefore, endeavor to appreciate and consume our locally produced food.

The youths of the country should take this crucial advice, being the backbone of this great nation of ours.

The food self-sufficiency vision can never be attained if the youths do not take up their responsibilities in the development process of the country, and in the food self-sufficiency drive.

Let us, as youths, develop that self-confidence and sacrifice our time, energy and resources in our nation-building process.

Gambia is our own and, if we do not make efforts to develop it, nobody will do so.

There should also be in place control mechanisms from the part of the government to protect local foodstuff.

The idea behind self-sufficient living is that we cut down as much as we can on dependency on outside sources, so that if something goes wrong in the world we are not so bad off. Access to food is a universal right to every human being. The right to food is essential to guarantee the right to full life.

Therefore, every person has the obligation to protect all natural resources, including the environment and water, to ensure food production, safety and availability to all.

Self-sufficient living has so many benefits to it, and it is a wonder we do not live like this already.

One of the greatest benefits of living self sufficiently is the free power we get, as well as the organic food and clothing.

"...We will see the day when we will live on what we produce."

Elder Marion G. Romney