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Welcome Lamin Manga as Consul of Russia in The Gambia

Dec 28, 2015, 10:36 AM

GRTS Director General Lamin Manga has been appointed by the Russian Federation through its Ambassador as their Honorary Consul to The Gambia.

Such an appointment is a laudable achievement for Mr Manga, which also augurs well for the media fraternity in The Gambia, as Lamin Manga has been a seasoned journalist in The Gambia with a wealth of experience in the job. We, therefore, welcome his appointment as honorary consul of Russia.

Manga, an illustrious son of the country, is a good choice because of his wide experience in the media field. He can make a difference by fostering the already existing relations between The Gambia and Russia.

It is timely that we have a consulate in Banjul, because The Gambia and Russia used to cooperate in many fields.

We hope and pray that Russia will bring more support to The Gambia, especially in the field of medicine, education, technology, science and many other areas. We hope also they will come in a big way to help us in the energy sector, tourism and infrastructure.

Many Gambians had the opportunity to study in Russia. We hope this time around, Russian doctors, engineers and those specialised in agriculture will assist The Gambia in their various fields of operation.

The Ministry of Tourism should seize the opportunity to promote tourism in Russia. Government as well should work in close collaboration with the Russian government so the Russians will open an embassy in Banjul and Gambians an embassy in Moscow.

The two countries need each other in many respects as mentioned above, as well as to foster our bilateral cooperation.

Russia is a force to reckon with, and The Gambia should take advantage of the enhanced relations and make good use of it by training Gambians in special fields of support to the country’s development.

The appointment of Manga, with his versed experience in the media, can contribute a great deal to consolidating the already existing relationship between the two nations.

Long Live Gambia-Russia Cooperation!

“Foster our bilateral cooperation.”

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