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We must fight Nepotism!

Jun 1, 2012, 1:08 PM

We must fight Nepotism!

The practice of favours being granted to relatives, friends and loved ones is known as nepotism.

This is very common in many African countries, where people employ their relatives irrespective of whether or not they can deliver.

The practice is a very bad one, and an institution which is affected by nepotism risks not having efficient employees who can meet organizational commitments.

One thing terrible about it is the fact that establishing professionalism becomes quite difficult in the workplace, since employees tend either to be related to or to know each other personally.

This kind of appointments, especially as evidenced in the appointment of hangers-on to offices without regard to their qualifications, could lead institutions to failure.

The provision of special privileges to friends, colleagues and acquaintances, in the areas of employment, career and personnel decisions must be discouraged in this country.

The ‘Who you know’ syndrome must be a thing of the past, where people get employed based on merit and competence.

If people believe that they can get employment, even if they don’t have the required qualification, then where are we heading to?

Nepotism wherever it exists in any country must be discouraged from the highest level of government.

People must work hard, and do very well at school in order to be given sensitive and important offices and portfolios to run.

Since the country belongs to all Gambians it is important that all citizens believe in this, and have confidence in our democratic institutions.

People must be given what they deserve, but not because he or she is related to the one employing either directly or indirectly.

Nepotism has a devastating effect, and we must fight it together in our society.

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