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Mar 9, 2020, 11:32 AM

Mr. President, the corona virus should be taken very seriously as it continues spreading and killing more people in the world.

Reports state that the coronovirus has affected over 100,000 people with over 3000 deaths in 60 countries so far.

Mr. President, as the coronavirus started making its way to Africa with Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa, Algeria, Cameroon, Togo , Nigeria and our very next door neighbour Senegal having registered cases, there is need for The Gambia to fasten her belt before we get affected too.

There is need to increase border surveillance at all the border posts and also equip the health personnel to make their work easy.

All travellers coming into the country especially those from the affected countries, Gambians or non-Gambians, diplomats, ministers must all be screened and monitored closely.

Mr. President, last week your government gave out 2.5 million U.S. dollars towards the fight against of this deadly coronavirus, it’s timely that you boost the health sector in these very difficult times.

The health sector and the media should work together to educate and sensitise the public on the preventive measures to contain the virus.

Whilst we appeal to the international community for more assistance in the form of equipment and medication to be on the safe side, let’s not forget our usual prayers in the mosques and churches as we are a country of faith. Prevention is better than cure and this coronovirus is a serious disease which needs to be tackled.

Mr. President, another serious issue on your table is the demolition of houses of hundreds of people in the West Coast Region, without Physical Planning saying anything until now.

It is very sad that majority of them have been residing in these settlements for more than two decades.

These people should have been warned from the unset before they built their houses and settled for decades.

Mr. President, your government should have sympathy on those affected if not they will be homeless.

If your government really needs these areas for development purposes, then the owners should be compensated by giving them lands and money to rebuild their houses.

Physical Planning should know that they are supposed to stop people from building at an early stage with warning letters copied to the Ministry of Lands, Attorney General Chambers and alkalolu and not to wait till people settled for decades before coming for demolition.

It always leads to fighting as it’s very sad to demolish properties already built with large amounts of monies.

Finally Mr. President, your government should allow competitions and encourage level playing ground within the business community. No one should be given preferential treatment when it comes to paying of taxes on the basic commodities. Many businessmen are crying foul play in that aspect.

GRA should be regularly visiting all stores to making sure that all the importing entities are paying their duties, if not, it can affect the country’s economy.

Gone are the days of nepotism and favourism

Good day!