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WANDER Years Center of Excellence donates bicycles to Albreda Senior School

Nov 8, 2019, 1:42 PM

Wander Year Center of Excellence have recently donated 33 bicycles to Albreda Senior secondary school in Nuimi, North Bank Region. The bicycles were meant to ease the long distance that students travel from the school to home.

They were also donated to help increase the performance of beneficiaries and ensure that they arrive at school on time.

Speaking at the presentation, Wander Year Center of Excellence country coordinator Lamin Kejira said the project started in 2018 and is based in Gunjur, in Kombo South.

He said the project has registered tremendous achievements by supporting ten schools with bicycles in support of parents and students to avoid going to school late and increase their performance.

Mr Kejira also urged both parents and teachers to ensure that 95 percent of the work of the bicycles is to the school.

He cited that after complementing their high school, the beneficiary students will still own the bicycles but no one should be allowed to go with them when transferring to other schools.

He urged parents and the students to take proper care of the bikes as his team members will make follow-up monitoring to see if they are making impact on their lives.

Principal Anusa Jatta expressed delight and appreciation for his school benefiting from such a benevolent gesture, thanking the donors for putting smile on their faces.

He said this is tremendous achievement for his school, considering the long distance students had to travel to come to school every day.

He said before, students in far places always arrive to school late but with the donation of the bicycles he is hopeful that there will be drastic change and performance in school.