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GOLI to send first cardiac patient for overseas surgery

Nov 8, 2019, 1:45 PM | Article By: Fatou Dem

Gift of Life International (GOLI)-The Gambia, is set to send a 14-year old boy to the United States of America for cardiac surgery.

Ambrus Correa, who is suffering from congenital heart disease, who was seen by a senior echo-cardiographer at Medical Research Council (MRC) unit The Gambia was diagnosed with small Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) since March, 2018. Ambrus will be travelling with his father today, 8th November, for his surgery.

His surgery cannot be done in The Gambia due to lack of expertise in cardiac surgeries.

However, he is accepted for surgery at St. Francis Hospital in Roselyn, New York, United State and no cost is attached for his treatment and accommodation.

The Gift of Life International is a locally registered not-for-profit organisation, internationally affiliated, and closely linked with Rotary. GOLI gets its funding through Rotary clubs, Rotarians, District funds and Rotary international global funds to support children with congenital heart diseases to get their surgeries done abroad.

Simon Correa, the father of the child and a scientific officer at the MRC, said he was happy when he heard that his son will be going for treatment.

“My son have been suffering from this disease but to my opinion, I thought he was suffering from lungs infection and I used to give him anti-biotic,” he said.

Adelle M. Sock, vice president of Rotary club of Fajara said rotary is an organisation that starts in the USA and has branches worldwide. “The rotary involves groups of professionals who help people to function internationally for more than hundred years. Rotary works with GOLI which is based in the USA and they deal with helping people who have congenital heart diseases.”

Habi Bah, coordinator of the organisation shared her experience when her son was a cardiac patient, saying due to the assistance of GOLI international, her son is now cured. “I got inspired after coming back from my son’s treatment to help those children suffering from congenital heart disease.”

The mission of the organisation is to provide hope to Gambian children who have heart diseases or conditions regardless of their gender, creed, or national origin.