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Waggeh brothers donate to Daddy Jobe

Oct 26, 2015, 10:42 AM

Waggeh brothers, Muhamadou and Essa, based in New York, have recently donated educational materials to Daddy Jobe Comprehensive School (DJCS) in Pipeline.

The donated items include 7 cartons of exercise books, 1 carton of pencil, 6 chairs, 1 table, 8 cupboards, 2 cartons of A4 papers, 60 T-shirts and 6 desktop computers.

The donors said it is a part of their contribution to enhancing access to quality education in The Gambia.

Muhamadou Waggeh and Essa Waggeh are the owners of the Gambissara Electronic Solar System and Battery business in Bakau Newtown, and the Broadway Suite in New York.

Badara Y. Jallow, principal of Daddy Jobe, expressed appreciation to the donors, noting that this is not the first time the two brothers have donated to the school.

“The items will be very useful to the staff and students of the school, and will make education easier for them,” he said.

Momodou Lamin Dibba, vice principal of Daddy Jobe, said the donated materials will help to improve learning in the school.

Alhagie Bokar Ceesay, chairman of the school’s Parents-Teachers Association, said the materials were donated at the right time, as the school is trying to introduce a digital library and information technology lab.

“Some of these materials will be used in that project, and this will help students in terms of research and other IT related works. This donation is very much welcomed, and we are very much grateful to the donors for their support.”

Daddy Jobe Comprehensive enrolls more than 500 students into grade 10 yearly.Currently, the school has a population of 1,575 students, from nursery to senior secondary school.