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Volleyball League Enters Second Round

Jul 31, 2008, 6:33 AM | Article By: By Sainabou Kujabi

The National Volleyball league will commence its second round matches tomorrow after successfully staging the first round matches.

Interior and Old Jeshwang are currently chasing the title with 9 points each and Interior have an edge of a single set after having gained 10 sets in four matches.

Old Jeshwang, who are also at 9 points, have gained 9 sets with a game in hand against Betterness.

Betterness are currently on 6 points and have gained 8 sets.

LK Boys are occupying fourth position with 3 points followed by UTG who could not secure a single point after playing all their first round matches.

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Below are the fixtures of the second round matches;

01/08/08L/KVs Interior-S/k West

02/08/08Betterness Vs Old Jeshwang-Banjul

08/08/08 UTG Vs L/K-Banjul

09/08/08InteriorVs Betterness -S/k West

15/08/08Old Jeshwang Vs UTG- S/k West

16/08/08L/KVs -Banjul

22/08/08InteriorVs UTGS/k -West

23/08/08L/KVsOld Jeshwang-Banjul

29/08/08Old JeshwangVs Interior-S/k West

30/08/08UTGVs Betterness -Banjul