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UTG holds leadership fellowship lecture

Mar 11, 2016, 9:50 AM | Article By: Kaddijatou Jawo

The University of the Gambia on 9 March 2016 held a leadership fellowship lecture by Gambian historian Hassoum Ceesay at the National Museum in Banjul.

Various students of the university convened at the National Museum to listen to the historian on the importance of history and the role it plays in life.

The lecture was centred on colonization, nationalism and leadership skills, among other aspects of human development.

Speaking at the training session, the president of the students’ union, Momodou Salieu Sowe, called on his fellow students to be always keen to know, especially about the struggle leading to their country’s independence, as well as to learn the former developments to enrich their understanding of the world for societal development.

“You must be grateful to be among the many students to come to the National Museum to listen to this great historian of ours, to get inspired and to learn how things happened and when they happened.

“This will help you to develop more on your history - it does not matter whether you are from a Chemistry, Geography or Science student.

“It is your responsibility and right to know your country - whether it is through historians or storytellers.”

In his lecture, historian Hassoum Ceesay, who spoke on colonization, nationalism and imperialism, said colonies are territories settled upon by foreign powers.

“The nations that fill the world today are emerging communities that emerged from and or were shaped by the colonial empires that dissolved years later,” he said.

He added: “Nationalism is the struggle to return to independence or nationhood, because nationalism has helped us to drive away the colonial rulers, although we still need leadership skills to face imperialism.”

He further commented on leadership, tactics and challenges vis-á-vis the struggle to gain national independence.

“A good leader is a person who inspires by leading and by doing good things that will convince people that he/she is leading by example, thus leadership should also be celebrated because leadership is always positive.”

Mr Ceesay said there are, however, challenges to be faced in the drive to attain national development. He cited massive illiteracy as a major challenge in achieving national development, which has to be overcomed.