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Undocumented Gambian migrants in Italy line up for food

Oct 2, 2015, 12:18 PM | Article By: Alagie Jinkang

Many Gambians on a daily basis gather themselves at the offices of Caritas, a social service provider, begging for food.

Our correspondent said time and conditions in Italy have compelled many undocumented migrants in the city of Torino to beg for what to eat.

Our Italy correspondent said it is not uncommon for Gambians in Italy to go around begging, but what is new is the high number and velocity at which young Gambians are forced into begging at the doors of Caritas. 

None among the Gambians who routinely beg is employed. The majority are also undocumented and are either in need of food or place to live.

The directors of Caritas Torino said they are always willing to support people in difficulties without any form of discrimination.

Director Pierluigi Dovis said:  “We give assistance to people in need, regardless of nationality, sex or age.”

“We support people, but we also need sponsors to cope with the high demand coming to us every other day,” he said.

Gambians are among many nationalities gathering at the doors of Caritas for food, a house, documents and health-related matters.

Some Gambians, who refused to be named, said things are tougher for them. According to them they cannot choose what and how much to eat from Caritas, but are definitely grateful to have something to bite everyday.

However, some Gambians blamed Caritas, a Christian organisation, for giving more and better attention to their Christian fellows.

In Italy, Caritas is a generally known social service provider that continues to help people from all backgrounds. 

Though a Christian organisation, there are also many Muslims and people from other religious backgrounds benefiting from Caritas.

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