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UK musician visits The Gambia, poised to release second album

Apr 13, 2012, 3:58 PM

UK Musician Visits The Gambia, Poised to Release Second Album

A renowned UK musician based in the Caribbean, Cuttie Williams, recently visited The Gambia to continue his exploration of the Smiling Coast of Africa and release an 11-track album.

During his visit, the UK music star met with associates, compared notes with Gambian musicians and international music promoter Oko Drammeh to discuss the possibilities of a collaborative working relationship.

Speaking recently at a press conference held at the Alliance Franco-Gambienne, the international musician said the trip was his second visit to the country, adding that he and his team have been supporting major artistes in The Gambia.

“I came here in January to see what is happening because I feel that there is a mission for me to help,” the UK music icon said, addingthat he wouldlike to introduce some music project in The Gambia.

In terms of promotions, the UK musician said he would love to promote his future albums in The Gambia, noting that the album to be launched has 11 love songs which are making waves around the world.

“When it comes to the area of instruments, I use the technology to do my music. I have also released compilation singles,” he noted.

Oko Drammeh, the country’s international music promoter, said the music star is no stranger to the world of live entertainment, adding that he is a true commando in the field of performing arts, a charismatic performer, with a dynamic range and taste in vocal and musical ability.

Cuttie was born in London, England, but spent his formative years on the island of St Kitts, a beautiful island in the eastern Caribbean (closely related to paradise).

The star musician has been enchanting audiences including royalty and heads of states globally for more than two decades.

He started his musical journey as a base player slowly learning his craft via the influence of listening to the likes of the great family man Aston Barrett of the Wailers, and Motown genius Jamie Jameson before graduating to have the honour of standing with base in hand behind the legendary Alton Ellis (the Godfather of rock steady), Horace Andy, Carroll Thompson and many others.