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Trust Bank starts cashpower sales service

Oct 12, 2011, 1:29 PM

Trust Bank Gambia Limited, Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bank of the Year 2010, yesterday introduced yet another product in the Gambian market called the Trust Bank Sale of Cashpower for NAWEC.

The introduction of this service to The Gambia by Trust Bank, which is the first of its kind, is a testimony of the bank’s ever-increasing commitment to serving the Gambian people.

Done in collaboration with NAWEC, the new service will now allow Cashpower customers to buy their Cashpower at Trust Bank branches.

As from yesterday, members of the public will be able to buy their Cashpower from three Trust Bank branches, in exactly the same way that they would at any NAWEC outlet.

This can be done in three Trust Bank branches namely, Banjul, Serrekunda Saho Kunda and Latrikunda.

“We at Trust Bank have had a very long and cordial relationship with NAWEC, and with the recently established Electronic Bill Payment and the launching we are witnessing today, our relationship has indeed become truly multi-facetted, which is something we are proud of,” said Trust Bank’s General Manager Oreme Joiner, at the launching of the product held yesterday at the bank’s head office in Banjul.

He explained further “anyone walking or driving by any NAWEC customer care office around the country will notice the very long queues to purchase Cashpower.

Cashpower is one of the most sought after commodities today, and the demand for it continues to grow every day.”

According to the Trust Bank General Manager, the ongoing rural electrification exercise, the demand for new connections into the national grid, the conversions of conventional meters to prepaid ones and the recently announced arrival of 60, 000 prepaid meters, are all factors that are bound to place huge demands on NAWEC from its customers.

“Our collaboration, therefore, can be said to be really timely, and ultimately beneficial to all,” Joiner said, adding that Trust Bank believes that its wide branch network makes it uniquely positioned to enter into such collaboration with NAWEC.

He commended the management of NAWEC and staff for their hardwork and dedication to duty, and also the Central Bank of The Gambia for conducting with requisite due diligence and eventually giving them the stamp of approval to provide the service.

Joiner also commended the public for their patience, while NAWEC tries to meet the increasing demand for Cashpower, and expressed hope that Trust Bank’s contribution will in some way make access much easier.

Nani Jawara, the Commercial Director of NAWEC, who represented the Managing Director of NAWEC, in a statement delivered at the ceremony, underscored the importance of the partnership, noting that the development is not only good to Trust Bank and NAWEC, but also to its customers and the general public as it will ease the long queues at some NAWEC outlets.

“Our role is to provide the public with energy supply and water, but if you look at our Cashier section, the staff used to handle a lot of money, and most of them are young people fresh from the school. Trust Bank being a financial institution will be in a better position to sell Cashpower for NAWEC in order to ease the work load,” he said.

Dodou Nyang, the Marketing Manager of Trust Bank, said Trust Bank’s doors are always open to all stakeholders to come forward and do business with the bank.