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The international community is failing Syrian people

May 29, 2012, 1:30 PM

The international community, especially the United Nations Security Council is not doing justice to the Syrian people.

The continued killing of innocent and armless people in Syria should stop now!

We are very much concerned about the plight of our Syrian brothers and sisters, who continue to lose their lives in their struggle for freedom.

The weekend massacre of over 100 people should serve as a potential turning point in the Syrian crisis, which all including the staunch allies of Syria should condemn, and work towards ending the crisis.

Since March 2011, the Syrian government have been using violence to suppress demonstrations, making extensive use of police, military, and paramilitary forces.

Amateur footage and eyewitness accounts, the primary sources of information in a country largely closed to foreign journalists, showed the Syrian security forces beating and killing protesters and firing indiscriminately into crowds.

Bashar Assad’s government must bear the main responsibility for what is going on in Syria, while the international community must also speak with one voice for him to stop killing his own people.

Probably, if what is going on in Syria today was happening in Africa the Security Council would unanimously condemn it and take necessary actions much earlier.

So, why not in Syria, as happened in the case of Libya?

It must be made known to the Syrian regime that it is enough; that the internal conflict must end.

The issue of double standards must stop now, if we want to promote a unified and peaceful world.

The conflict going on in Syria is very sad, and calls for international efforts to resolve it, probably not only through diplomacy.

The suffering of the people of Syria must end now, and the international community must be seen doing something effectively, by using all means possible to end the suffering of innocent civilians, mostly women and children.