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The GEAPP Project a boost for agriculture

Jan 24, 2011, 12:51 PM

The Gambia Emergency Agricultural Production Project (GEAPP) is the kind of project that this country needs most.

The project is supporting farmers with farming implements as well as building their capacity.

Officials of the project recently trained over 300 power tiller operators nationwide on the usage of the farming machineries donated to them earlier.

The operators of the power tillers should also make sure that the communities benefit from their services.

Most importantly the use of the power tillers should not be based on political affiliation or social status.

The beauty of the project is that it will also create job opportunities for the youth at the various village levels the project is targeting.

We want to call on other projects in the country to emulate the good initiative taken by the GEAPP.

It is always important to first engage the people at the grassroots level before the implementation of any project, be it agriculture, education or health.

Agriculture is widely known as the backbone of the Gambian economy; so any kind of intervention in the sector is highly welcome.

This latest intervention by the government and its development partners, such as the EU, would no doubt boost the country’s quest towards attaining food self-sufficiency.

To the beneficiaries, we urge you to take a greater care of the machineries for optimal output.

Regular maintenance and adhering to the operating guidelines of the power tillers would make them live long.

More projects of this kind should be initiated across the country to enhance sustainable growth.

 Poverty eradication requires more innovative programmes targeting all sections of the populace.